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Leading Youth Development Association (LYDA)
has been partnershiping with a great number of student associations
to provide face-to-face UniTalks in differnet Universities for students
who are majoring in IT, Media and Business.

Wangwang gave a talk at UNSW

Another of Joidea’s senior software engineers, Wangwang, was invited to give a speech to students at UNSW.

Hao was invited to talk at UNSW

Our senior software engineer, Hao, was invited to share his practical experience with students majoring in IT.

App styling and UI/UX

Students learned and exchanged ideas with experienced designers in person.

AI and Machine Learning

Students learned practical skills in person from our AI and Machine Learning specialists.

How to pitch business plans in front of investors

Kitty instructed students how to deliver an effective pitch.

Demonstrating QR code technology

Ben made a pitch and demonstrated QR code technology to an attentive audience

Training on post-edit production

Shinya shared his suggestions on post edit with students.

On-site shooting production training

Students had the opportunity to participate in video productions in a number of local restaurants.