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Learning Through Enjoyment.

Growing With Experience.

Local Events. Diverse Cultures.

Over 30,000 members actively participate in our jointly hosted events to experience cultural development and expand their local networking.

New Skills. Fresh Challenges.

Regular member activities to explore new skills with new friends, such as arts, cooking, cocktail mixing, and even physical activities like boxing and indoor rock climbing.

No working experience?

Don’t know where to start with?

Create Your Digital Resume

Our members, taking advantage of our referral system, will be automatically matched with relevant internship opportunities from LYDA's corporate partners.


Personalised Internship Preparation

Members with varying levels of experience can opt for either free or paid internship preparation to secure their desired internships.

Welcome To LYDA Community

LYDA supports members' professional and personal growth through local cultural experiences and employment opportunities, both locally and overseas.

Happy Members

We thrive alongside with our members who are new to a city.

Happy Results

We guide them through each stage to accomplish their desired goals.

Get Connected and Inspired

Join LYDA if you are an international student or working holiday visa holder.

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